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Simple Life

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:52 pm

Town Name: Hollowpoint
Population: 598

This is the town you'll be living at. A small ,quaint town in the mountains where its peaceful.

This roleplay is pretty much a free roam type of deal, simple, easy, relaxing roleplay.


1: Follow regular ES rules. If it gets to a mature part then timeskip, or go somewhere else. I'm open to either way. (What ever you are comfortable with)

2: Cursing~ Why the hell not?

3: Write at least 500 characters. I understand writers block, so I won't put a character limit. Just try your best! (:

4: Realistic Pictures, please! No anime, or drawn.

5: Do not use text talk in your writing. Only OOC!

6: Please don't ditch me.. And try to post at least twice or once a day. If you are going to be gone for more than a 24 hour period, just PM me!

7: No God modding~ At all, if you do, you're fucking out.

8: PM me your skeleton along with the title of the role play as the subject and your favorite color! DON'T REQUEST ACCESS BEFORE YOU SEND ME THE SKELLY! I won't accept you then..

9: Romance~ yes no Insta though ~Drama~ Wouldn't be a story without it!
10: This is going to be a chill roleplay, so if you're all uptight and rude, might as well as leave this page.

11: Enjoy, and have fun! (: BE CREATIVE! I can't express that enough. Don't be like all the other people out their. If you are then I won't accept you.. Be different.


Name: (First and last)
Gender: (Not Just all girls.. Please)
Sexual Orientation:
Age: 15-25
Personality: (BE CREATIVE)
Interest/Short-Bio: (Once again, Be unique)

My Skelly:
Username: Admin
Name: Amethyst Faye
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 21
Personality: Bubbly, Outgoing, Straight forward, Optimistic, kind, sweet, crazy, strong.
Interest/Short-bio: Amethyst is a hopeless romantic and can sing beautifully. She likes boys, slow dancing, flowers, the beach, and veggies. Her mother and herself moved in the town when she was 12, ever since then she has been content with her home life. Her brother and father died in a car accident when they were heading home from a baseball game, when she was 11. Amethyst's mother couldn't stand living at their last home because of memories, so a change of scenery was the best way they could move on.

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